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Chuck Faber, Director


"There are a lot of choices for experiential event staffing services out there today. We empathize, that figuring out who is the real deal can be frustrating at times.

Below, please find six points that I personally feel sets us apart from other agencies.. - Chuck

TL;DR Summary: If you are simply looking for a streamlined, low overhead, WYSIWYG national agency, that costs a good bit less and doesn't try to sell itself with frills and fluff, but rather through working hard, then congratulations, you just found it!

We are female owned, ORCA, CCR registered and have an "A" rating with the BBB."





LOW OVERHEAD: Like many others, from the fall of 2008-2009, our business stalled. To ensure longevity through future economic downturns, we made a strong move to pay off almost all of our debt. Today, with very low overhead, we are able to offer aggressive rates to our clients and competitive pay to our talent, without worry.

STREAMLINED: Over the last two years, we consolidated to lower our costs. We have one main office in Florida, with a couple of satellite offices on the opposite side of the U.S. with minimal staff. Thus, our results are great and more consistent, and you will typically be working with the same people, directly.

NO FRILLS: We are a WYSIWYG company. We don't have a lot of frills and fluff that add extra costs but don't really enhance our results. We still primarily recruit, train, follow up, mostly by phone, as we have found actually talking to people live to be the most effective process of building long term relations. We still interact and talk with our clients directly as we hope to keep the "experiential" in the experiential business, rather than actively seek ways to automate and distance our clients and our talent from our work process.

WYSISYG RATES: Most other agencies have their rates, then on top of that there are usually other hidden and/or managerial fees. Our rates are also WYSIWYG. There are no additional costs or managerial fees. Usually we find that what other agencies have quoted for a volume discount is what we charge as a standard rate.

BEYOND STAFFING: Our new clients typically try us out and are delighted with their results and savings. Then they find out we are capable of getting other things done under the umbrella of experiential marketing at low cost and with excellent results. Over time our clients discover, that we are solid ground they can trust long term to build and expand upon.

WE WORK HARDER: Most agencies work within metro areas. We do as well, nationally. However, a good share of our work is retailtainment types of events in rural markets across the U.S. Other agencies have tried to do what we do, but they usually drop off. Why? Simple. It is hard and frustrating work trying to recruit, train and maintain quality talent in low density population areas. Thus, we are the agency that deals with the toughest areas and event types. For us, staffing metro based special events is a breeze. In other words, we work pretty damn hard!

SUMMARY: If you are simply looking for a streamlined, low overhead, WYSIWYG national agency, that costs a good bit less and doesn't try to sell itself with frills and fluff, but rather through working hard, then congratulations, you just found it!

Chuck Faber - Director


Our philosophy started over fourteen years ago in Bentonville, Arkansas out of a need for quality talent in this area which is the home office for Wal-Mart Corporation. Front Row had to maintain flawless event executions by the hundreds due to the high profile nature of this region as the bulk of our retail in store demonstrations were based in the Walmart corporate stores and were audited daily. Word spread quickly that Front Row was delivering the superb results companies were looking for! In the years to follow, Front Row began working nationally with several Promo Top 100 marketing firms and various national, name brand retail and service providers.


Front Row today is a national, full service provider of experiential staff and marketing services. We provide thousands of talent annually for name brand chain stores, Promo Top 100 Firms, as well as name brand retail and service providers.

Front Row's main office is located in Port Charlotte, FL, with field offices in Los Angeles, CA, and Idaho Falls, ID.

Front Row's sales volume breaks down to about two thirds being generated by national retailtainment/demonstration events in almost every market across the U.S. The rest is generated with experiential event staffing and services provided for a wide array of both Promo Top 100 marketing agencies and direct name brand retail and service providers.

Front Row typically employs about ten full time Management, Recruiters, Trainers, Designers and other personnel. We also seasonally may have another 10-20 full or part time employees and field agents depending on business needs at the time.

Front Row has an A rating with the BBB, we are female owned, registered with ORCA, CCR and D-U-N-S.

Front Row has extremely low overhead due to intense streamlining of our operations and costs since 2008. Front Row is a minimalist, "no frills" WYSIWYG agency. Over the last two years when most companies have seen dramatic reductions in growth, Front Row not only maintained, but has also increased their sales volume each year.

Front Row is poised in 2012 to continue this trend.